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Our Story

There are a lot of plugins out there that do excellent things. We decided to create this blog to have plugins most people use everyday. Nothing fancy just practical.


I've been part of the WordPress community and have been using them exclusively since 2008. Wants I saw the platform and found out it was free there was no looking elsewhere.


To create the most used and affordable plugins out there. Some people charge outrageous prices for their services. I don't believe in that. Just make enough so I can afford to continue what I'm doing.
Access to all plugins is only a small membership fee of $17/year. Not per month. You only pay on an annual basis. To join us today just click here...

Customer Service

Since HTML can be trying and troublesome for beginners I will help you to the best of my knowledge to create the design you are looking for. Let's say you see a website and love the way in which they display the posts just send me a link to the page in question and I will do my best to duplicate the design (if not exact) as closely as possible.
If you have any special features you would like added and any other kind of support I will do my best to answer them completey. All requests are ususally answered with two business days.
All support requests may be started in our Customer Support Forum or sent via our contact form.
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