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Fast Secure Contact Form

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This plugin creates simple and complex forms for contact information.

Plus if you have a listing site you may use an Advanced Custom Field to display the email address. It works great for listing sites. That way if you have a contact owner form you only need one to automatically send the form straight to the business owner.

Here is a simple form.

[si-contact-form form='1']

Comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field

If you had created a second form then the shortcode would be:

[si-contact-form form='2']

Due to restrictions in Google reCaptcha V3 you may not have more than one form per page. 🙁

With custom css you can basically have it look anyway you desire. With box shadow effects, instead of labels you may use placeholder text and even have default text entered.

You don’t have to use reCaptcha but it’s highly recommended.

❗ 📝 Note: Ignore the image captcha option under the security tab it has been deprecated. No longer user friendly.

Below is an image where you can select which fields you would like to display.

Form fields for creating the form.
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