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List All Sites From Across Multisite Network
List All Sites From Across Multisite Network

This plugin is just designed to create a list of all sites in a multisite network. You may include or exclude individual sites plus whether to have them provide a link to the blog or not.

The below list is just a simple list with the sites not having a link. This is the default setting.


  • Agave Plugins LLC
  • Miscellaneous Images for the Agave Plugins LLC Blog
  • Agave Plugins LLC Support Site
  • Durdell Cables High Fidelity for the Budget Audiophile

Now with a link to the blogs.

[blog_menu link-to-blog='true']

This shortcode will only include blogs with id’s of 2 and 3.

[blog_menu link-to-blog='true' include_blog='2,3']

This will show all blogs except for blog 2.

[blog_menu link-to-blog='true' exclude_blog='2']

You may also show it as a drop down using the following.

[blog_menu link-to-blog='true' show-as-dropdown='true']

By default it doesn’t look very pretty. So with some custom css the dropdown menu may look more attractive.

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