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Network Site Search Extended

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This plugin allows you to create a search form with more control. Include or exclude post types. Use an Advanced Custom Fields text field on each post to help in the searches. Include or exclude blogs, categories, tags and even custom taxonomies.

This is a premium plugin and available for members only.

The shortcode to use for the search form is the following.


It may be displayed on any page and sidebar field. Creates a simple text box with a submit button. Easy to redesign using CSS.

On the search results page you would enter the following shortcode which shows the listing in default format.


So for example on this site the search results page has a post_id of 346. So the shortcode will look like below:

[network-site-search-form search_results_page='346']

Everywhere you put the search form it must include the above parameter so the plugin will know where to display the results. If you don’t add the search_results_page argument it will display the results on the same page as the form. Make sure you have the [network-site-search-results] shortcode on the same page.

Note: It is highly recommended to use a separate search results page for uniformity and can be easily styled to match your theme.

Parameters List

The below parameters may be included with the [network-site-search-form] shortcode.

  • place_holder_text
  • include_icon
  • include_label
  • show_submit_button
  • search_results_page

These parameters are for the search results shortcode – [network-site-search-results].

  • show_author
  • show_category
  • show_category_icon
  • show_tags
  • show_acf
  • show_taxonomy
  • show_tag_icon
  • show_excerpt
  • show_content
  • excerpt_length
  • content_length
  • show_thumbnail
  • wrap_listing_start
  • wrap_listing_end
  • list_by_date
  • list_by_title
  • list
  • meta_info
  • date_format
  • hide_acf_label
  • show_nothing_found_message
  • post_type
  • taxonomy
  • taxonomy_type
  • category
  • tags
  • include_author
  • include_acf_in_search
  • use_acf_fields
  • title_must_include
  • include_blog
  • exclude_blog
  • use_acf_fields_only
  • use_titles_only
  • search_term


Shortcode for search form used. Enter any search parameter you would like and see the results.

[network-site-search-form search_results_page='346']

More examples coming soon…

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